The International Engineering for Sustainability Conference (iNESCO) is a platform that inspires young engineering students to share, educate, and contribute wonderful ideas and knowledge. It is organized biannually by the Students’ Representative Council of USM Engineering Campus since 2010 with the initial name of NESCO (National Engineering Student Convention). In 2011, this program transformed from NESCO to become iNESCO, expanding our reach to international levels. The aim of this program is to provide helpful information for younger undergraduates to stimulate the knowledge transfer from generation to generation; from their senior undergraduates and postgraduates.

For this year’s iNESCO, in an effort to rebrand the conference for a wider and deeper impact while still preserving the original aim of the conference, we are introducing a new category; the Science Innovation category. It is a design competition that is open for all secondary school and undergraduate students, to produce as sustainable product that will benefit the future. Therefore, INESCO 2014 will have four categories of participation; namely Paper Presentation, Poster Presentation, Science Innovation and Audience.

This conference gathers secondary school students and engineering students from higher education institutions around the world to discuss and discover their role in the future of engineering field, as well as generate and exchange ideas for the benefit of all. Through iNESCO, we are able to expand our horizons in the application of engineering knowledge for a sustainable future besides exposing ourselves to people from different backgrounds, cultures, nations, and perspectives. Through the paper and poster presentations, young engineering students are able to discuss, share and analyze the best engineering solution for critical issues in the world, especially in the context of sustainability. On the other hand, the Science Innovation competition enables students to foster the concept of sustainability in their minds, while training them to think out of the box to deal with everyday problems.

Universiti Sains Malaysia, as a Research University and above all an APEX University, acts as the host to lead these healthy discussions to produce young and talented engineers, in line with USM’s efforts to be the forefront of transforming Malaysia’s higher education. We hope that iNESCO will not only inspire young engineering students to take up the initiative of generating new ideas in engineering sustainability, but also inspire them to pass this cause on to the future generations to achieve synergy in building a new era.


Sustainable Engineering

Sustainable engineering is the process of designing or operating systems such that they use energy and resources sustainably, i.e., at a rate that does not compromise the natural environment, or the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


  • To prepare a platform for undergraduates and postgraduates to present their research findings in various areas related to sustainability.

  • For participants around the world to exchange views on the role of engineering in relations to sustainability.

  • To expose the importance of energy resources and green technology to the world society.



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