The conference will work in a multidisciplinary way across the engineering field and perspectives through which we can address the fundamental and related questions of sustainability. This interdisciplinary forum is for engineering students from any engieenering discipline who share an interest in—and concern for— sustainability in an holistic perspective.

We are inviting proposals for paper presentations. Studies of sustainability, with a focus on engineering disciplines analyses:

  • Electrical/electronics
  • Chemical
  • Mechanical / Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Materials / Mineral Resources / Polymer
  • Environmental
  • Civil
  • Other discipline

Submission Deadline

The final deadline for submitting a paper for an in-person presentation at the conference is 4 APRIL, 2014.  However, no papers received after 4 APRIL, 2014 will be considered for on-site presentations.


Registration Deadlines

To ensure that your presentation is scheduled in the printed program, registration must be complete (and all payments received) by 17 APRIL 2014. If your proposal has been accepted, and you cannot complete your payment until you arrive at the conference, we will schedule you into an available session at that time. Your presentation will be posted on the notice board at the conference, and it will be listed in the final program online. But please note: your presentation will not appear in the printed program that is distributed at the conference.

You may submit a proposal to the INESCO secretariat Committee for an In-Person Presentation. If your Conference proposal is accepted you may submit a written paper to International Engineering for Sustainability Conference (INESCO). All proposals, presentations and papers must be in English.


Submission Process


Abstract should be submitted to INESCO secretariat latest by 23rd FEB 2014. Abstract should be prepared in Microsoft Word and submitted in docx. format, according to requirements below:

1) TITLE: Bold; size 14, capital letters; centered.

2) AUTHOR(S): size 10; centered; italic; bold; if more than one author, indicate address of each author numerically in superscript; provide official email address of corresponding author; underline the name of presenting author.

3) TEXT OF ABSTRACT: size 11, justified; 1.5 spacing; should contain objective, method, results, and conclusions; 200-250 words.

4) Please state the category of your research article.

Submission must be made by email to:



Universiti Sains Malaysia

Engineering Campus

14300, Nibong Tebal,




Tel: +60122357881 (Mr. Mohamad Danial), +60133134988 (Ms. Hazirah Hanim) or +60184748860 (Mr. Mus’ab Umair)

*IMPORTANT: Please state your category along in the email.


Poster Presentation

The International Engineering for Sustainability Conference 2014 (iNESCO 2014) organizing committee welcomes all poster presenters. To ensure that the major findings in research work will be delivered effectively with all participants and audiences, we encourage all presenters to observe the following:


1) Language:  English

2) Poster size:   A1 paper size (Portrait orientation)    


  • Title
  • Authors and their respective affiliations
  • Abstract
  • Objectives
  • Methodology
  • Results, Discussion and Implication(s) of Findings
  • Conclusion, Recommendation(s) and Emerging Application(s)
  • Acknowledgement (optional)
  • References


3) Font and font size: No specific requirements (Clear for presentation)

4) Poster Material and Printing: Glossy paper or tarpaulin, and laser printing is highly recommended for optimum clarity. Presenters/Authors are restricted from mounting any heavy materials (tapes, pipes, pins) on the poster.

5) Adhesives will be provided by the committee for poster set-up. Presenters may mount their posters on the board tagged with their corresponding abstract code.

6) Presentation Duration: Presenters are encouraged to attend to their posters on the whole duration of their poster session, especially during their session opening when special guests are expected to view and judge the posters.

7) Poster set-up schedule:  Presenters are advised to set-up their posters on set-up time given or at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled poster session.

8) Please state your CATEGORY along in the email.


Presentation/Paper Focus: Practice, Research or Theory

Referees for presentation proposals and of submitted papers will base their assessment upon the kind of focus of a particular presentation or paper.


Practice Focus
A presentation or publication which describes innovative or exemplary practices or programs in the community, in workplaces, in education institutions and the like. This may take the form of case studies, narratives, demonstrations or technical reports. The outcomes of practice may be improved frameworks, concepts, understandings or structures, such as enhanced capacity through the development of skills, knowledge and operational effectiveness. This kind of work may involve putting theory and research into practice.


Research Focus
A presentation or publication reporting upon original research, based on the systematic collection and analysis of data or facts. This kind of work may involve the application or testing of theory.


Theory Focus
A presentation or publication which is broad and generalising in its emphasis, reflecting upon and systematically referenced against one or more bodies of literature or systems of thought.



All accepted papers will be produced in conference proceeding with ISBN publication.

Selected papers will be published in Journal of Engineering Science issued with ISSN.